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遇到困难一般都翻译为meet problems 中间是不加with的 所以例句中也不用加with作介词

met with meet 是你主动的。met with 你是被困难“meet"的,所以应该用met with (a problem)

您好,不能去掉,这是因为 cope 本身是个不及物动词,前面已经有 problems 作为宾语,因此只写 cope some problems 显然是错误的。 正确地应该为 cope with some problems. 补充:您好,看到您的补充了。这里的 cope 意思是(词典的另一个意思)...

I have some words to say with you,please do not be angry,one night thinking,I think to meet is not better,there is a actual problem that most of...

10)Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we sgould hold a meeting to talk about the problem. agreed to->agreed with"同意某事"11)Oliver twist,the ...

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