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mAkE EFForts to怎么用

make efforts to do sth 例如 We should make efforts to work for our dreams. 我们应该努力为实现我们的梦想的工作。

make efforts to 正确 做出努力去完成某事 make intense/great efforts to do 付出巨大的努力去做某事......

①泛指时不可数,句中没有强调是谁做的努力,并且表示类似时间一样的抽象名词。 e.g. It's a waste of time and effort. 没有指谁做的努力。 e.g. He lifted the rock without effort. 没用力气,力气无法测量 ②特指时可数,遇到某事作出的努力和...

make efforts to do sth与make an effort to do sth意思与用法完全相同,翻译为“努力做某事情” 例句: He makes efforts to achieve his dream. 他尽力实现自己的梦想。 类似的短语还有: make a friend with make friends with 望采纳 谢谢

make great efforts to 抓好; 作出巨大努力 双语例句 1 In the next five years, China will make great efforts to pursue the strategy of going global. We will encourage enterprises of different ownership structures to invest oversea...

make an effort/make efforts: 尽力; 努力;作出努力; 强调主观上付出努力,相当于try one's best to do。 I finally agreed that I would make efforts to do so later on and left the chat quickly. 我终于同意以后会找机会聊一聊,就匆匆地...

make efforts to do 努力去做某事 == Try to do sth

make an effort 是固定词组。基本上意思是一样的。make an effort to do sth=make efforts to do sth


We need to make an all-out effort to get this job done on time. I will make every effort to be there on time. => make efforts + to V

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