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Why do you want to be a manager assistant?what abilities make you think you are qualified for the job?

1. A. the jobs 2. A. hand in a copy of your resume 3. C. it shows how well you can communicate 4. D. a sales letter 5. A. know his needs

想去的话,收拾行李,不想去的话,reply 一封mail,就说不好意思,我已经找到适合的工作了。OK,best regards~签名

job application letter 求职信 双语例句 1 In this lesson, we will examine the language used in a job application letter. 在这节课上,我们将要了解求职信中的用语。 2 These elements belong to the traditional settings and cognitive ...

1: A the jobs 2: B expect an in-person interview 3: C It shows how well you can communicate 4: D A sales letter 5: A Know his needs

B 考察现在分词作定语的用法。Letter与offer him it构成主动关系,使用现在分词分词形式。句意:约翰真的获得了那份工作因为他给我们展示了给他提供那份工作的信件。

A letter to my teacher Dear Sir/Madam, How are you? I'm writing this letter to ask you for a favor.To be honest, I am not very good at English, but I do really want to improve it. You are the most earnest and responsible teache...

2015-05-29 用英语写一篇求职信 2 2013-12-12 英语作文 写求职信 8 2013-03-22 写一篇英文求职信 2010-12-06 求一篇英语求职信 13 更多类似问题 ...

不错啊 从:人力资源部经理对员工选择的球队。 :托马斯。 题目:提供这个工作对成功的候选人。 亲爱的托马斯: 祝贺你,欢迎到我们公司来。 我高兴地通知你,你被推荐为成功经理的职位候选人最后获得主题为面试你的人。 我期待与您的合作,希望你的工...

1. pleased后加was 2. and→but 3. something--anything 4.week→weeks 5.badly→bad→were 7.Its→It’s 8.去掉第二个to 9.decided→decide 10.get→getting 略

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