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Can't Believe It - Flo Rida&Pitbull I Can’t Believe It 我难以相信 White girl got some ass 白人女孩过来 I wanna see it 我想看看 Black girl got a ass 黑人女孩过来 It ain’t a secret 这不是秘密, Baby turn around 转过身来 I wanna s...

歌名:down 演唱:林俊杰 专辑:曹操(台湾版) i can't believe it tell me i'm dreaming that we are still we it was amazing said you were lucky that you found me it was on a rainy day that we met you didn't have a place to go i said we...

Telephone - Lady GaGa,Beyoncé Hello hello baby You called I can't hear a thing I have got no service in the club you see see… Wha-Wha-What did you say Oh you're breaking up on me… Sorry I cannot hear you I'm kinda busy K-kinda ...


I can't believe (that it's over

allen 歌手:lauren wood 专辑:in love with you i can't believe it you're a dream comin' true i can't believe how i have fallen for you and i was not looking was content to remain and it's ironic to be back in the game you are t...

是头文字D的一首歌 I can't believe it I can't...... ...... JUST SO SO 忘了叫什么,反正你可以在头文字D的原声专辑中找到 是一种伤感的歌,没错吧!

金钟铉&CHEN - 一天(A Day Without You)



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