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happy 100 days 快乐100天(宝宝出生百日) happy 英[ˈhæpi] 美[ˈhæpi] adj. 快乐的; 幸福的; 巧妙的; 〈口〉有点醉意的; [例句]Graduation is a happy day. 毕业是高兴的日子。

a happy day Today,I got up very early,I had a very good breakfast,then I went out to play with my friend,We had a very good time.In the afternoon,I went swimming with my father,it was very hot,but we felt very good in the water...

one hundred happy days 一百天快乐的日子 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 In the act “ Chen Xiang at One Hundred Days ”, a happy atmosphere impressed the audience a great deal with some of the colorful traditional dancing styles of the H...

a happy day Today, I got up very early, I had a very good breakfast, then I went out to play with my friend, We had a very good time. In the afternoon, I went swimming with my father, it was very hot, but we felt very good in t...

100 days 中文意思:100天


Today is the happiest day in this holiday. Although I was very tired, I found myself in these busy day. I am afraid of taking a bus usually, the awful smell of the bus drive me mad ,make me feel carsick. But today I didn't feel...

Memory 100 days


VAR2赋值:昨日最低价 VAR3赋值:最低价-VAR2的绝对值的3日[1日权重]的加权移动平均/最低价-VAR2和0的较大值的3日[1日权重]的加权移动平均*100

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