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As A wAy oF

as a way of sth/doing sth 某种方式 某种做事的方式 ----------------------------- 希望采纳,你的支持我们的动力!

writing letters,as a way of communication 写信,作为一种交流方式 重点词汇释义 writing写作; 文字; 文章; 笔迹; 写信; 写( write的现在分词) letters字母; 文学; 信( letter的名词复数 ); 函件; 校运动队字母标志 way方法; 道路; 方向; 某...

as a way to 翻译:作为一种方式

B B考查固定句型as/so+adj./adv.+a(an)+n.+as的用法。

你可以如同一条疯狗一般的生气于事情的走向,你可以骂,诅咒命运,但生命(it)到达终点的时候,你必须放手。。。。You can be as mad as a mad dog at the way things went.You could swear,curse the fates.But when it comes to the end, you h... to...如此......以至于......; in a way用某种方式(方法); in such a way as to...以这样的方式以至于......。 He would rebuff enquiries in such a way as to preclude any further discussion.他会断然拒绝询问,使得无法进行进...

as a result of 英 [æz ei riˈzʌlt ɔv] 美 [æz e rɪˈzʌlt ʌv] 由于…的结果; 起因; 经; 因 双语例句 1. 2,000 prisoners died as a result of torture and maltreatment. 2,000名犯人死于拷打和...

主要理解cope with 的句子结构,意思是处理、对付,短语的意思是,作为他们应付焦虑的手段(方法)。

If you are a student, I suggest you to talk about the ritual of raising flag. Addtionally, donot involve too much politics of our countries.

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