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Naive是形容词,不可以在后面加S。 naive [英][naɪˈi:v][美][nɑˈiv] adj.天真的; 幼稚的; 单纯的; 比较级:naiver 最高级:naivest 双语例句: 1.Are you really so naive? 你真的那幺天真? 2.Are you really that naive? 你真...

Naive 是形容词,名词是naivety。 naive 英[naɪˈi:v] 美[nɑˈiv] adj. 天真的; 幼稚的; 单纯的; [例句]It's naive to think that teachers are always tolerant 认为老师们总那么宽容是幼稚的。 I must have been naive to think ...

naive 是形容词,意思:天真的 名词是 naiveness 英['naɪi:vnes] 美['naɪi:vnes] n. 自然; 朴素; [例句]I knew it was healthy to question and doubt, at least until my naiveness subsided and I had the wisdom to see on my own....

laughter:笑声(名词) laugh:大笑(动词)

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