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Forgery-proof inquiry counterfeiters will be investigated

Patented in multiple countries.Counterfeits will be prosecuted.

井幡侭嗤 [簡灸] [隈] all right reserved; [箭鞘]井幡侭嗤鍬咫駅梢。 All rights reserved; those responsible for unauthorized reproduction will be prosecuted. 径丹駅梢 Counterfeiting

patent of invention,all rights resevered 恢瞳傍苧慕貧議,屎鳩

径丹駅梢 Imitation is not permitted 廨旋恢瞳径丹駅梢 patented product(s), counterfeiting not allowed 云恢瞳厮賦萩廨旋径丹駅梢。 This product has been patented, and copying is not permitted.

緩菊夛侏鏡蒙仟啀灸囘唱哦勿邑。寡喘鏡嗤議菊高簒宝厚聞凪高濮狙悲才弼科舁計。 云恢瞳翌鉱糞喘、仟侏式斌炎厮廣過廨旋径丹駅梢。 鍬咎葎 The lamp shape unique, novel and elegant, crystal clear. Use of unique lighting art, s...

Production of patent products 彈鳩

庁夛瞳宥烏┐發召Δ劼鵑弔Δ曚Γ 憲栽晩囂楼降議。。

all rights reservedcounterfeiting not allowed

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